Great leadership ripples across your entire organization

Executive coaching has far-reaching benefits that impact everyone in a company, from leadership down to every single employee – no matter their rank.

But work, business and markets are changing at break-neck speeds. Are your leaders keeping up?

Executive Coaching

No one is above the need for executive coaching.

At the speed business is changing in 2023, it’s more important than ever for your leaders to adapt and stay ahead of the trends.

Leadership is the key to an organization’s success in the environment of change. Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, diverse workforces, virtual teams, and leaner resources exact increasing pressures and new challenges unknown to previous generations of leaders.

The new business environment has left many organizations without the bench strength and talent base for today’s needs. As competition raises the bar on expectations, an organization’s team must be able to respond effectively to new challenges.

Invest in yourself. Work with insightful and experienced executive coaches to reach your potential.

Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching Services

Our Executive Coaching services are designed to enhance the individual contributions to the stakeholder’s objectives.

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Week by week, we’ll work through each step of the process, holding you accountable to growth.

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Measure your success

Tracking is key. We’ll measure success, work on improvements, and set bigger goals.

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“Scott possesses an uncanny ability to meet individuals where they are at and uses innovative coaching approaches to bring clarity to one’s skill-sets and maximize individual’s marketability. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend Scott as a Talent Management professional, as he has been a mentor and continues to be a friend.”
Mike Raeder
Transformational C-level IT Executive at Northrup Grumman
“I can’t say enough good things about Scott. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking career coaching for any reason. Yes, he knows his stuff, has all the right tools and gives you personalized strategies that will blow your mind but what is most impressive is his ability to become a trusted advocate for you on your career journey. Not only will you land a job, but you will also gain a friend in the process. Work with Scott. Let him help you. Be better because of it.”
Akira Oyama
Senior Product Manager at Cloud Age
“Looking for results!? Scott is absolutely terrific to work with. He really listens and partners with you, taking every action within his means to enable you for success. His insight and perspective was invaluable to me. He has very much mastered his trade and he is always happy and willing to share his expertise and knowledge with you. If you are looking for any kind of career coaching, I highly recommend Scott!”
Jesse Fillion
Director of Customer Experience at Cube84
“Scott has been invaluable to me during my career transition. He and his company have provided me creative tools, techniques and strategies that have helped in my career search. He is always supportive and is able to analyze situations and offer techniques to strengthen and continue the career coaching process. I always feel like I have a strong coach that believes in my abilities.  No matter his workload, he took the time to brainstorm and offer suggestions.”
Eileen c. Smith
Licensed Realtor at The Alliance Group Realty
Scott Miles
Managing Partner – Executive Ally
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We help individuals to become their best version​

As an Executive Coach, Career Coach, and Talent Management Professional, Scott has gathered over 25 years of multi-functional experience, including key leadership positions in operations, human resources, energy / utilities, real estate investments and in his entrepreneurial endeavors as well as in his consulting area of leadership.  

Recognized as an accomplished multi-faceted leader, Scott exhibits a strong result / goal orientation with the ability to establish and convert strategic plans into reality. This experience, along with a personal commitment to helping others, provides a broad perspective to leadership in industry and community activities. 

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Don’t let 15 minutes stop you from realizing what’s possible when you invest in maximizing performance.

What’s the cost of remaining stagnant?
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Dimensions of leadership

At Executive Ally, our coaching services are designed to enhance the individual contributions to the stakeholder’s objectives.  By focusing on the “Dimensions of Leadership,” we can customize and implement a coaching process aimed at individuals, teams and organizational objectives.  Our 40+ years of experience in professional services allows us to effectively support specific professional development for your organization’s leaders.