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40 years of leadership consulting

Formerly Miles Lehane, Executive Ally continues a rich legacy of service and leadership

Our Story

Executive Ally has a rich tradition of Service that started with Lou LeHane in 1978 creating the premier consulting support to senior executives in the greater Washington, D.C. area as well as across the country, focusing on creating a career strategic plan for the future. Dr. David and Melanie Miles acquired the firm, Miles LeHane in 1992 with Scott Miles joining the firm in the early 2000’s. Building on the excellence of the organization, new goals were established to grow and expand the service offerings as well as reaching out around the globe as businesses and clients expanded their horizons. 

Today, after 40+ years of business, Executive Ally is known for its ability to assist individuals and organizations in accomplishing strategic transformations to meet and exceed individual and stakeholder goals. This tradition of focused quality support is being carried forward by Executive Ally and our team of accomplished coaches, counselors and consultants.   

Poised to service the needs of leaders and organizations, Executive Ally blends critical thinking with experienced team members to assist clients and program participants. Our willingness to listen, learn and partner allows us to become trusted advisors focusing on success. Today and in the future our history sets the platform to deliver world class support with a humanistic focus to all. We are committed to carry this forward with all our clients and participants. The business of people never ends.

Serving executives & their teams since 1978

Lou Lehane begins executive consulting
David & Melanie Miles join to begin Miles Lehane
Scott Miles joins
Executive Ally
Scott Miles
Managing Partner – Executive Ally
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We help individuals to become their best version​

As an Executive Coach, Career Coach, and Talent Management Professional, Scott has gathered over 25 years of multi-functional experience, including key leadership positions in operations, human resources, energy / utilities, real estate investments and in his entrepreneurial endeavors as well as in his consulting area of leadership.  

Recognized as an accomplished multi-faceted leader, Scott exhibits a strong result / goal orientation with the ability to establish and convert strategic plans into reality. This experience, along with a personal commitment to helping others, provides a broad perspective to leadership in industry and community activities. 

Our Core Values

Our Vision is to be a highly respected specialized provider of Employable Talent and Strategic Management Services to organizations worldwide. Our Mission is to deliver sustainable world-class Employable Talent and Strategic Management solutions. Our Story is providing excellent services.

Focus on people

People are our focus. We strive to meet the objectives of both the individual participants and the client organizations we serve.


Lou LeHane founded our company on trust over 35 years ago, and this principle has stood the test of time with our clients.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is our hallmark and is embodied in our lasting service guarantee.

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