One Step to Improve Hiring Success

One Step to Improve Hiring Success

You crafted the perfect job description, scanned through dozens of resumes, and interviewed several potential candidates. You are excited about one candidate in particular and offer him the position. With high enthusiasm and energy, he comes on board. Over the next year, however, you discover your ideal candidate isn’t so ideal and eventually, he leaves the organization. What happened?

You missed one crucial step in the hiring process: pre-hiring assessments.

Better information usually leads to better decisions. When you combine the subjective quality of an interview, which is great at capturing things like motivation, with objective qualities an assessment covers, such as quantitative skills, the right candidate is more likely to be hired at your organization. This combination brings into focus a much better picture of the candidates overall skills and match for the position. Bringing better candidates on board leads to a more robust and better performing company, in turn, a high performing employee is more likely to stay with a successful company, where they are contributing to the success.

Using the right assessments:

  • Puts interviews in perspective — Many hiring decisions are made within the first five minutes of an interview. Knowing this fact doesn’t always protect one from making that same hasty decision. Many people are very charming, personable, or just downright good at bluffing. An objective assessment provides balance.
  • Increases performance — The right assessment often finds the difference & sometimes measurable in fractions & between those who are good, and those who are great. You don’t want to miss hiring that slight edge.
  • Protects against discrimination claims — Proper, objective, industry-norm assessments can protect against discrimination claims. Your assessment should have research proving it measures what it says it does, and protects against faking.
  • Lowers costs — A good assessment gives you an employee that fits your immediate needs. Less time spent on training and development should be the result. Hiring the right candidate for the right position at the right organization means higher overall productivity for the employee and the company, resulting in higher overall satisfaction, morale, and lower turnover.

At Miles LeHane, we use an assortment of assessments, each designed for different purposes. Matching the right tools to the right situation is one way we help companies get to that perfect landingthe right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right strategies.


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