Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills

Become a Master Communicator

The #1 issue identified in every workplace is always the lack of effective communication.

My colleagues Dr. Denny Coates and Meredith Bell have just published a wonderful book that addresses this problem head-on: Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills.

Author Ken Blanchard says: “Thanks, Denny and Meredith. Because of your book, thousands of teams will communicate at a higher level.”

Denny Coates and Meredith Bell

Special offer: If you buy the Kindle version August 3-9, you can get it for just $.99!

Buy the Kindle or paperback ($14.95) at: https://amzn.to/3jL0pEI

Denny and Meredith have distilled 30 years of expertise into a single book packed with easy-to-follow steps and practical tips.

Get it now and have more impact in all your relationships!


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