Career Transition Success

Career Transition Success

At one time or another, almost all executive-level managers get the tap on the shoulder. The tap that says your time at XYZ Corporation is up. Maybe the company is downsizing, maybe a new CEO is on board and brought on his/her people, or maybe the company was sold. Whether you see it coming or you’re blindsided with the news, the thought is the same: “What do I do next?”

Meeting with a Career Transition Counselor may not be the first thing you think of, but it should be. Contrary to the name, getting career transition counseling isn’t necessarily about changing careers or industries, although it can be. Taking the time to do a thorough evaluation of you, your life and your work can be the ticket to re-emerging into the world with confidence.

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Your first consultation should define what success looks like. Everything flows from there & your resume, companies to consider, positions to consider, even interview techniques. At Miles LeHane, we use five broad categories:

Career Assessment: This two-step process looks back & what have you done & and looks forward & what would you like to do. A thorough assessment of your skills, your personality, and your accomplishments paints an emerging picture of the type of work and company best suited for you.

Development of Presentation Skills: You not only sell yourself during interviews, but also during networking events, email correspondence and telephone calls. Creating a goal and the techniques needed to reach it, culminate in a cohesive image you present to the world.

Resume Preparation: Not all resume styles are created equal; certain industries, even certain companies, have a template for resumes that should be followed. Getting ‘creative’ with your resume is not the way to stand out in the crowd; it signals that you’re not familiar with company or industry norms.

Structured Career Campaign Strategy and Planning: Landing a new position involves a planning a campaign to success. Referring again to ‘what success looks like,’ a plan evolves regarding what industries and companies to target, along with a systematic plan of communication with each.

Interview Management and Offer Review: Managing interviews is key to career search success. As mentioned in our previous blog post, Beyond the Resume, a survey of human resources executives and key decision makers show that it’s not necessarily the most qualified candidate who receives the job offer, it’s the one who makes the best overall impression.

Managing the interview process, with mock interviews to include some of the most dreaded open-ended questions (“Why did you leave your last position?” “What are you looking for?”). Once an offer is received, a thorough assessment should be done to make sure is matches your needs and wants, along with comparing it to industry norms and standards.

This is only the beginning of the services and guidance a career coach can offerA career coach can help take your job search to the next level and leverage your work experience and skills into a successful career campaign strategy.  From tailoring your search to find the right positions, creating your marketing materials, obtaining an interview, and then interviewing successfully to secure a position that is the right fit for you. A career coach has years of experience identifying prospective employees and will work with you to ensure you are prepared for each step in your job search. 


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