Always Learning and Experiencing!

Always Learning and Experiencing! April 2020

You never know what you will do when in this type of a Social Distancing situation.  Last week after more than 51 years of marriage,  Melanie agreed that I would assist in coloring her hair. Let’s say it was more than 10 days overdue for her professional 5 week visits.  After I got over the shock of the request I took a deep breath and balanced the risks against the rewards of this adventure. In reality, how bad could I really screw up and how bad could the outcome be?  As one who typically enjoys taking calculated risks, I figured this too would add yet a new “togetherness” adventure for COVID-19. 

First we needed the product from the store.  Since we needed a few items from the grocery store we were able to obtain the product she selected.  Step 1 accomplished during the 6-7am Senior Hour at our local store.  Step 2 was more difficult to come to agreement on.  This included reading the instructions and putting the application time and plan together.  Remember Melanie follows the rules, while I interpret and adapt the rules.  This was at least a 2-day delay before we “agreed” to how this would take place.  She reminded me of the small plaque with the saying on my desk that reads “ I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right!” 

Bravely on day 3 the implementation happened.  The 25 plus minute process only took about 40 minutes as we did a final reinterpretation of the plan.  From my perspective it was more tedious but easier than I anticipated.  From Melanie’s perspective it worked without any issues.  The results for BOTH were better than expected!  Yes we will do it again as the home applications only last a few weeks or more. 

Note – We both are looking forward to when personal services are open for business! By the way – I let Scott use the electric trimmer on my hair; and yes I color my own!

Stay safe!  And as always, feel free to reach out for any career needs during this turbulent times.


– David 




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